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Humans have always appreciated the cooling, absorbent, cushioning qualities of mosses.  Many cultures, for example, have used them to line babies’ nappies and, in World War 1, Sphagnum Moss was widely employed as a substitute for cotton wool when dressing wounds. The most common Western use, today, is by gardeners who line their hanging baskets with the plant to prevent excessive water loss in summer.

Mosses make extremely powerful essences bringing their own particular, ancient energies plus those of the tree or surface on which they grow.  Being under the influence of Saturn, mosses emotionally impart limitations, control and responsibility. They also encourage endurance, patience and perseverance with wisdom, stability and success. As most need damp conditions to grow, mosses have a strong connection with the Water element and the sacral chakra - the ‘sweet, home place of self’’. 


The Stewart Moss Essences were made from ground moss and mosses gathered from the bark and roots of carefully selected trees.  All were bearing closed spore capsules to ensure that the full plant energies were captured..  The chosen date, close to the summer solstice, ensured that the specimens had the highest water, tree or Earth element content.

 The traditional boiling method was employed to produce the Mother Tinctures which were preserved in a brandy base.  These were left to stand for three days before being lunarised under the special full moon of 22nd June, 2005.  On this date the ‘lunar standstill’ placed the moon at its lowest position in the sky for 18.6 years and provided a ‘moon illusion’ of greatly enlarged size.   The following morning found the bottles exactly where they had been placed, but the labels indicated ‘licking’ by a rough tongue.  Users often sense ‘magical’ qualities in these essences from this unknown energy source.

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