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The most spectacular time to watch and make essences from a Full Moon is at moonrise. If you look at the east while the Sun is setting, when the Moon is close to the horizon, it will look more considerable than the surroundings. Because of the Earth's atmosphere, it will also appear orange or yellow for a couple of minutes.

Every Full Moon has its specific energy but, generally, our emotions, feelings and dreams will become amplified. Because the Moon and the Sun are opposed, a lot of tension and friction may also be caused.   The Earth is also influenced and extreme meteorological conditions often occur at Full Moon, so there is a very high chance for rain and storms on the days after a New or Full Moon.

At the seaside there are more extreme ocean tides and the best time for shrimping and crabbing.  It is also a time for sea turtles to lay their eggs and human babies to be born – more arriving at Full Moon than at any other times of the month though the reason is unknown.

In folklore it is the ideal time to accept a marriage proposal or a job recommendation, or any significant changes or opportunities in your life. But do not wash new clothes during a Full moon because they will not last long.

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