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Dealing with our Shadow Side

Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.  Read any biography of a famous icon, and it is there - a natural result of ‘standing in the light’. Yet most of us find our shadow behaviour at the least embarrassing and, at the worst, something we must banish from our awareness.  The reactions come from the very human need to present an idealised image of ourselves - our ‘shining light’ - to the world.  However, the mere act of suppression will inevitably result in dis-ease. The result can be a range of symptoms - from  depression and physical illness, to irrational, impetuous behaviour or angry outbursts.  It can also make us arrogant, self-satisfied and intolerant.

But with some aspects of our shadow side, owning, accepting and taking responsibility for our behaviour can be painful.  This is particularly so when it incorporates raw desires, thoughts, emotions, conduct and experiences of which we feel our friends, family or society would disapprove.  This essence series, therefore, offers a range of supporting treatments for identifying and facing our emotional, sexual and karmic shadows. It also helps rebalance the parts of our ‘inner child’ or ‘inner adolescent’ that have been hurt or damaged.  Finally, there is a set of ‘tools’ to support us on the journey which will release entities, provide closure on aspects we have been dealing with, keep us in balance and ease the pain of growth and change.

Using the Essences

The Lighten our Darkness set has been mainly designed for use by CAM practitioners though some people may prefer to self treat.  Selection of the essences is best achieved by dowsing or muscle testing, since shadow issues can become suppressed beyond our consciousness or are held as secrets too shameful to be discussed or revealed even to our therapist.  The essences may be used singly or in combination with any other essences, crystals, essential oils, etc.

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