Essences contain the energetic resonances of the plant or element from which they are made. Therapeutically, they seem to act as a vibrational catalyst to harmonise the mind, body and spirit. Since physical well being usually accompanies a positive mental and spiritual outlook, they can help return us to health whatever our emotional state. Their long history of effective use by an informed public is already a permanent testimony that essences do work. Indeed, many practitioners consider them to be the most remarkable of all complementary therapies. 

 Flowering as well as the more ancient and mysterious non-flowering plants are used. Where possible, flower essences are made by the ‘living’ method so that no part of the plant is destroyed. Those derived from trees, ground cover and low growing plants are prepared traditionally or alchemically. Where stated, some essences are also lunarised under an appropriate phase of the moon to enhance their function. 

 In contrast her other essences capture very different energies, from the highly ordered lattice structures of crystals through the powers of special environments to forces of nature beyond any human control. All offer their own supportive qualities to lighten our darkness and balance mind, body and spirit. 

 All Stewart Essences are made personally by Jan Stewart who is a member of BAFEP, (the British Association of Flower Essence Producers). After making, each is trialled by friends and clients who report back their findings. Only when an essence has received consistent positive feedback is it marketed. You can view the range of essences in the shop.


  Essences form a crucial part of the emerging field of energy medicine. Nobody, however, really knows how they work. It is certainly not due to medicinal chemicals within the water. Analysis shows no difference between a bowl of water before and after an essence has been made, so its properties cannot be detected or analysed like a drug or herbal preparation. The answer seems to lie in transfer of some of the ‘forces’ at play, during making, into the water molecules. Water is known to have a ‘memory’. Therapists believe that this imprint resonates through our energy system as a group of violins would resonate to the sounds from a violin being played nearby. The influences that have created the flower, crystal, bluebell wood, etc. affect our behaviour and provide the stimulus to kick-start our own energy systems.